A smart rehabilitation aid that addresses both the mental and physical challenges in recovery

Accolaide is a physiotherapy recovery device that helps reduce adherence to treatment. The project is a two-part system, consisting of a mobile app and a smart brace for ACL injuries.


The brace was designed to be more comfortable and adaptable to various movements during the physiotherapy stages. The device measures muscle temperature, monitors swelling and provides feedback during exercise. It also features a smart lock that is linked to the app. Upon completing the prescribed exercises and stretches, it opens the brace and allows for more autonomy in movement. The data constantly relayed to the doctor, providing the wearer with a truly unique recovery plan and with real-time progress and feedback metrics. The system tackles both the physical and mental challenges involved in ACL recovery programmes.


Using an app and a smart brace, it tackles both the physical and mental challenge by relaying information to the doctor, and providing the wearer with real-time progress and feedback.

Brace Design

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