Bringing creative minds together by sharing a natural biometric rhythm.

An explorative project that started with an unusual brief of the synaesthesia of music and proprioception. Uncertain of its direction, the conceptual design was found through a series of rigorous brainstorming, prototyping and experimenting stages. This resulted in a final test successfully brought creative minds together by sharing a natural biometric rhythm. The results showed an increase in rapport, positivity and performance during a group exercise.


Custom made athletic insoles generated using parametric design in SolidWorks.

My undergraduate dissertation project looking at designing a set of shoe insoles specific to individual sports and the way they’re actually played. A series of practical studies looked at necessary gait information, providing a basis for the designs. Finite Element Analysis on the CAD files then looked at the effectiveness of the orthotics to ensure the design process was safe and successful.


A magnetic fit, telescopic backscratcher utensil designed for Stanley.

Given a random company identity and an everyday product, a design had to be created to embody its history, beliefs, image and style. The main challenge was to make a somewhat obsolete item, a backscratcher, admirable. Nine identical backscratcher modules were fabricated, making use of one’s existing Stanley multi-bit screwdriver. The telescopic shaft features a hex bit that fits right onto your existing tool, allowing for a quick and easy changeover.


A chair that plays with perspectives, giving it two vastly different identities.

A piece that plays with perspectives and depth of field, to create a chair that has two very different personalities that’s dependant on where you view it from. Initially the tameness of the chair doesn’t make you think twice about its ordinary nature. But as you walk around it the problems start to present themselves. You begin to question its structural strengths and ergonomics. Will the crumpled legs support me? Will it be comfortable? And how do I even sit on this? It’s not the shape that defines the chair; it’s your viewpoint.

Frank Lloyd Wright Table

A multi-tier coffee table designed in the style of the Architect Frank Lloyd Wright

The design brief was to create a piece of innovative furniture in the style of a famous designer. A pivoting multi-tier coffee table was produced to reflect the Prairie style of the Architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The project covered every aspect of the product design lifecycle, working from initial conceptual designs through to prototypes and finally a full functional manufactured item. The design is intended to adapt and change, depending on its environment.






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