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Typecase is a chorded keyboard that brings back tactility to smartphones. It allows for one handed typing and control of your phone without using the touchscreen - designed for extreme users but useful for all.

It works by allowing input for chords of buttons presses, just like how you would play a chord on a piano. With just 5 buttons on the side of the phone, you can type all the letters of the alphabet, punctuation, and more.

The idea grew from a cross-over study on inclusive design and disability design. Integrating the technology into a smartphone case allowed for a less stigmatising alternative to voice-to-text input for blind users. 

Project completed at:

Imperial College London

Royal College of Art




Research and Development

Rapid prototyping
Arduino / electronics

User testing


5 months, 2018

The Adafruit Feather board allows input from 5 buttons and IMU data for gestural controls.


This microcontroller uses bluetooth to connect to any smart device as a keyboard input, so TypeCase can be used anywhere, anytime, without the need for an app or extra software.

© 2023 Douglas Mann

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