My name's dougie, a mechanical engineer and designer currently working @google. practice innovation through projects that cover human-computer interaction, human-centred design, accessibility design, machine learning, and future-casting. 


My philosophy is to connect creativity and technicality to design new and interesting things.

And then make that thing.

Product Design Engineer,

Google Creative Lab

Oct 2019- present

bridging google's design, engineering, research, and AI teams to develop experimental hardware.

project with coral

project with media pipe

Biomedical Design Engineer,

Imperial College London

Apr - Oct 2019

designed a range of sustainable, affordable prosthetic knee joints for KD amputees in developing countries.

Research Engineer,

NASA Ames Research Centre

Jun - Nov 2018

developed the capacitive touchscreen response latency measure (ctrl-m) in the Fatigue Countermeasures Lab, Human Factors.

project ctrl-m

Innovation Design Engineering (MA)

Royal College of Art

Sept 2016 - 2018

Graduate project: voice blox

Grade: Distinction

project accolaide

project superform

Innovation Design Engineering (MSc)

Imperial College London

Sept 2016 - 2018

Graduate project: typecase

Grade: Distinction

project xy

project verdelise

Thanks for stopping by!  But sorry mobile users, grab your laptop and check it out on there.

Mechanical Engineering (BEng)

University of Exeter

Sept 2012 - 2015

mathematics, materials, advanced hydro and thermodynamics, computational modelling.

Grade: First Class (Hons)

project sportsupport

Am I missing something?

There are research and commercial Projects I can't show publicly, but if you are curious I am happy to answer any questions when I can.

E: douglas.mann@network.rca.ac.uk






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